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Offered: Three Novels from Genji Press

I'm offering signed copies of all three novels I am currently offering through my imprint, Genji Press.

  • Summerworld: Neil Gaiman meets Hayao Miyazaki, or so one of my readers put it. Come to think of it, that's a pretty good synopsis. My version was "a story of high adventure and deep insight in a world where desire reshapes the face of reality". Not nearly as sound-bite-y, though.
  • The Four-Day Weekend: Formerly The New Golden Age, it's my love letter to the convention-going scene, drawn from years of rubbing elbows with other fans. But did I mention it's also a love-and-brotherhood story? And a riotous comedy?
  • 関東地獄 Kantō Jigoku: Tokyo Inferno: From the hell of the Kantō Earthquake of 1923, to the lost paradise of the years before and the looming horror of the years to come, this phantasmagoric horror story follows the odyssey of a lost soul as it seeks redemption and peace in a world that offers neither.

Detailed information about each book (including the first few chapters, FREE) is available on each linked page.

All books are trade paperbacks, signed by the author (me!)

Contact: Via LJ, or by email at serdar at genjipress dot com.

Minimum bid: $20.

Buy It Now: $50 (a major bargain considering I sell signed copies for $20 and up via mail order!)

Delivery: Postage within the continental U.S. included (media mail). All other locales, including Canada, please inquire BEFORE PAYING and I'll calculate postage.
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